About Helena Cardow

Helena Cardow is a London-based artist with a penchant for oil paints, leopard print and anything ginger-flavoured. She read MA Visual Arts and Culture, and BA Sociology at Durham University, and is currently balancing working as a gallery assistant whilst experimenting with her personal artistic practice. 

Helena’s work is multimedia-based, including diverse creative practices including collage, photography, oil painting and graphic design. As a self-taught artist, Helena explores new mediums readily and is constantly seeking novel modes of self-expression. 

Thematically, her art is concerned with the depiction of bodies in spaces which are actively created by a partial eye, and how these compositions and biases affect the meaning of the overall image. She is also heavily influenced by her academic background, delving into sociological topics such as the intersectional relationships between conceptions of race, feminism, gender and sexuality - revealing subjects whilst simultaneously encouraging the viewer to question the power dynamics inherent in the act of ‘looking’.

Helena Cardow’s CV

For commissions, collaborations, and all other enquiries, please email helena.d.cardow@gmail.com

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